Errata and Addendum – Open for Submissions

When I put up the open submissions call over at specficmarkets, a writer called wyld-dandelyon asked if it wouldn’t be possible for us to offer royalties on issue #1 sometime in the future.

Yes. Yes, it would.

So, as of this moment, we will be offering our standard royalty rates to our authors in issue #1, starting from the day issue #2 comes out. At that time, I’ll also review our revenues and sales figures. If we can afford to do so, we will offer you back royalties, again to our standard schedule. Authors, you will be notified either way.

I also wanted to clarify what rights we are buying. Glorious Dawn Press wants to buy exclusive worldwide electronic rights (text) for one year, with nonexclusive worldwide electronic rights (text, audio, and otherwise) thereafter. Ebooks don’t ever go out of print, and the market has shown that as we print more issues of One Weird Idea, people will snap up previous issues as well. So, send in your stories, you stand a very good chance of getting paid for it, and keep getting paid for it.

(Special Thanks to wyld-dandelyon for showing us how we can better serve our writers. I wouldn’t have thought of it myself, and I’m very grateful.)


About gdpress

Glorious Dawn Press are tired with this whole "death of the publishing industry" scene. We believe that running lean, bending over backwards for the readers, treating authors as human beings, and using every tool available, we can bring readers and authors closer together.
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