Story Lineup and Street Date

We apologize for the radio silence. We have all the stories in now, and only need to do final edits on a few of them. We’re proud to announce that the issue will be available on May 22, 2011 wherever better ebooks are sold.

It’s been a long strange few weeks here at Glorious Dawn offices. We’ve been preparing marketing materials, designing graphics, and working out the accounting and legal sides of the business. But we’re on the road now, and we’re confident we’re going to make the street date.

One Weird Idea‘s premiere issue will contain the following stories:

“His Final Experiment” by David L. Clements

“Goldville Alien” by Paul Skelding

“Signoffs” by Lachlan Atcliffe

“Measuring the Marigolds” by R. Jean Mathieu

“The Schmeding Center” by Cass Trumbo

and “Condemned to Repeat It” by Mike Combs

We may also have other fun stuff crammed into the issue. You never know. We’ll keep you informed.


About gdpress

Glorious Dawn Press are tired with this whole "death of the publishing industry" scene. We believe that running lean, bending over backwards for the readers, treating authors as human beings, and using every tool available, we can bring readers and authors closer together.
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3 Responses to Story Lineup and Street Date

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  2. CASS TRUMBO!?!?!?!?!?

    He has the best blog I have ever read. Ever.

  3. gdpress says:

    Yes, yes he does.

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