Glorious Dawn is Watching: Sucker Punch (Part II)

This is Part two of two of our “Sucker Punch” review.

We move ahead to see Babydoll dancing for the orderly and the brothel owner. During this dance Sweat Pea steals the map. This represents our friends helping us realize our dreams or it can also symbolize that our children steal away our dreams (more on this later).

In this dance Babydoll must lead the girls to overcome WW1 German zombie steam soldiers and stop a messenger from getting to a zeppelin with the secret plans. One of the girls pilots this cool battle droid which represents technology helping us achieve our goals. The German zombies represent technology turning us into drones and taking away our personalities. Babydoll ultimately succeeds in the mission but some churches are destroyed which represents the death of religion and spirituality from technology.

After this story the girls must steal a lighter from the mayor during Babydoll’s dance for him. Amber is asked to steal the lighter as the mayor is her client. So begins our third dance.

In the third dance the girls jump from a WW2 bomber into a medieval castle filled with orcs. They must enter the castle and kill the baby dragon allowing them to retrieve the crystals from its body which will create the best fire you’ve ever seen. “Don’t wake its mother,” Scott Glenn’s character tells them. The girls get into the castle and kill the baby dragon which represents abandoning our childhood and finding our adult passion. The mother dragon wakes and pursues the girls and nearly kills them all. They of course succeed in subduing the dragon.

Now the orderly pimp in the asylum finds out about their plan and tries to stop it. This represents our work trying to stop us from getting our dreams or the work-consumerism cycle destroying or interrupting our dreams.

The only thing that remains is the knife and the key.

Sweat Pea tries quits but then change her mind and comes back because her sister wants to see it through. For the next dance Babydoll must dance for the cook so the other girls can steal a knife.

In the last and final dance the girls attempt to board a high tech moving train going towards a high tech city. There is a bomb on the train that will go off when it reaches the city. Scott Glenn’s character gives the girls a duffel with some equipment and the codes to deactivate the bomb, this represents knowledge an wisdom. The girls are able to board the train, cut through a swath of faceless robots which represent more people trying to stop our dreams. They stop the bomb and try to remove it from the from the train with their helicopter but it gets stuck. Sweat Pea’s sister gives her life to save Sweat Pea.  However, they are unable to stop the bomb. Amber is able to pull Sweat Pea and Babydoll out of the train before it goes into the high tech city and explodes.

Because of their failure and the bomb exploding the cook is not distracted by Babydoll’s dance because of a short circuit causing the radio playing the music. The radio represents technology failing. The cook rises and kills Sweat Pea’s sister who had sacrificed herself in the train. This represents a friend who must stop pursuing their dream with us so they can stop and raise their children.

After this disastrous event Blondie betrays them to the pimp. Blondie represents friends who betray us. The pimp learns of their plan and kills Amber who represents a helpless friend dying and Blondie the betrayer which represents justice being served for betrayal.

The pimp sends Sweat Pea to the closet and then he attacks Babydoll which represents people trying to take our dreams or prevent them from happening. Babydoll kills him with the knife which represents knowledge and she takes the key from him which will allow her to get past all the future obstacles.

Babydoll then frees the crying Sweat Pea from being locked in a closet which represents the rebirth of our dreams. They set fire to the closet using the lighter (passion) and use the diversion to escape. They use the key (knowledge) to unlock all the doors and some wisdom to get past the final locked door to the outside.

They then find themselves blocked by a group of men in the parking lot in front of the final gate. Here Babydoll makes the final choice to sacrifice her dream (freedom) so Sweat Pea can escape. This represents a few things like giving up one’s own dreams for our children’s welfare or sacrificing so that others may succeed.  Babydoll is captured by the men and returns to have the lobotomy. This represents old people left behind by their children as they move into life, much like what happens throughout the USA.

Sweat Pea manages to escape but is almost stopped by the police before getting on a bus. But luckily for Sweat Pea, Scott Glenn’s character (the mentor/teacher/helper) tells the police that Sweat Pea was on the bus before they arrived at the station. She is able to avoid the police and get on the bus. He tells her “One last thing, we have a long way to go” which now represents our children having to find their own way in life without their parent’s help.

So this sums up my analysis, for better or worse. I could probably analyze it a bit more and go into more detail but I’ve got a book to write!

PS – I did think of some other ways to completely reanalyze the film.


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