One Weird Idea #1 Hits the Newsstands!

Glorious Dawn Press is proud to announce our first publication, One Weird Idea #1! OWI#1 is now available on Amazon,, and, as well as on Smashwords and through this very website (at left). It’s been a long time coming, mostly because the Kindle version gave us no end of trouble, but it’s finally out. And it’s only 99 cents!

To sweeten the deal, we’ve got not one but two special offers going:

1) If you are one of the first ten reviews on any site now carrying One Weird Idea #1, you’ll get issue #2 absolutely free.

2) If you tell a friend about the anthozine, and they buy a copy, both you and your friend will get a seventh story, “Degenerations,” for free.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your copy today! And, when you’re finished reading it, write up a review for Amazon or Smashwords.


About gdpress

Glorious Dawn Press are tired with this whole "death of the publishing industry" scene. We believe that running lean, bending over backwards for the readers, treating authors as human beings, and using every tool available, we can bring readers and authors closer together.
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