About Glorious Dawn

Glorious Dawn Press is an ebook publishing venture, started in 2011 by Roscoe Mathieu and Paul Skelding. Both writers themselves, Paul and Roscoe were frustrated and tired with the publishing cycle. Roscoe had experience in small-press publishing and knew enough about the industry to realize the shrinking traditional publishing world was not an option. Paul was dialed into the burgeoning ebook movement, singing the praises of self-publishing to all who would listen.

Glorious Dawn Press’ purpose in life is simple: Find good books for readers, and find readers for good books. It even says so at the top of the site.

  • Finding good books for readers comes first, and for a reason. We got into this business because we love stories, and we love to share stories. We want to delight you, terrify you, awe you, change you. Our editors work hard to make sure you get the best writing an author can give you, our designers work hard to make sure it’s easy on your eyes, and our marketers work hard to make sure you know what’s out there. Read a sample, ask a question, chat with writers or other fans. You ask, we’ll deliver.
  • As to the second part, “finding readers for good books,” the world of publishing is changing radically, and self-publishing is emerging as a viable option. However, taking care of the other aspects of business (marketing, finances, legal issues, editing, formatting, design) can swamp a writer, especially one who isn’t experienced with these aspects of the business. Many  successful self-published writers describe how their success becomes a trap: “I don’t have any time to write any more.” It’s certainly possible to self-publish and thrive, as many pioneers are now doing, but with Glorious Dawn Press, you don’t have to.

We believe “fans first, writers second, everything else third.” We’re big fans of the 1000 True Fans principle, that if a writer can deeply touch one thousand people, they will reward him or her with a decent living. The publisher’s job is to make this happen.

And if you’re wondering where we got the name from…


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