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One Weird Idea

One Weird Idea
One Weird Idea is a new take on an old concept. A mix of authors and stories, each one just big enough to read on the bus or over lunch. Not necessarily rivets and spacecraft, but each story is science fiction, that is, the literature of ideas. Each story takes a weird idea, and runs with it.

And here’s the twist: It’s available everywhere ebooks are sold. Your Kindle, your Nook, your iPad, wherever you want to read it, you can get it. And it’s only 99 cents. Welcome to the future.

We call it a “bimonthly anthology.” Some call it a magazine. Whatever you call it, we guarantee you’ll call it damn good science fiction.

One Weird Idea is looking for science fiction short stories, 2000-8000 words. We don’t have a particular theme, but we do request a particular structure: You need to take a ‘weird idea’ (robotics, nanotech, climate change, genetic engineering, etc.) and build a story exploring its implications. Think of Ray Bradbury’s “A Sound of Thunder” (changing the past) or Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (lifelike robots). Think of Inception (dreams indistinguishable from reality) or Gattaca (genetic engineering and eugenics). Show us stories like that.

We will be buying first worldwide electronic rights for text, exclusive for the first year. After one year, we will hold non-exclusive worldwide electronic rights for text, audio, and other.

What that means is that you can’t print the story elsewhere on the net for the first year, but you could resell it in audio to, e.g., Escape Pod. However, we’re investigating the possibility of offering audio versions of all our publications, and we’d like the legal right to do so in the future. ‘Kay?

We will be unable to offer remuneration for the first issue for the first three or six months.
We could offer you a pittance, but it would be less insulting to come out and say “we can’t pay yet.” However, we will be offering 12% royalties on sales of #1 from the day #2 comes out. Ebooks never go out of print, and the market has demonstrated that as people buy #2, and #3, and #4, they’ll go back and buy #1 too. If we can afford to, we’ll look into back-paying 12% for issue #1 at that time as well.

If you’re still interested, you can email your story (in .doc or .rtf format) to

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The beast is always hungry, so if you’d like to write for the blog, email your post or your proposal to Unfortunately, we cannot presently offer payment for blog posts.


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